Why Do Girls Like Dad Bods?

Why Do Girls Like Dad Bods?

Um, can you guys please address the dad bod? Do girls seriously prefer a guy that has a beer belly over a guy that puts time and effort into working out and eating right to look good. I swear I see girls all the time that are solid eights with their boyfriends who look like they just slammed a case of beer. What is the point of putting all this effort into looking fit? If a beer gut is held to the same level of value?

Most of the time there with that guy because:

  1. He knows how to fuck regardless of what his body looks like 
  2. Makes her fucking laugh and he’s got a personality of a 10

I don’t want a gym rat that can’t make me laugh and is a fucking two in the sack. Like I don’t want that, you know what I mean?

You know, I am telling you, a guy’s physical attractiveness is not as important to a girl as people make it out to be and I mean, obviously some girls may not think that way. But for me, it’s like If a guy can make me laugh and is so fucking good at sex, that way trumps a guy and what he looks like. Obviously I need to be physically attracted to him.

The other thing is their personality can also make you sexually attractive. We talk about it all the time, guys don’t understand it, girls are like I know he’s not that hot but you just have to meet him and when you talk to him. If a guy can like command a room, if he can make you laugh, that is so way hotter to me than like a fucking guy with like an insane body and six-pack and he’s like boring as fuck. 

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