Ride It On Top Like An Equestrian

Ride It On Top Like An Equestrian

First up for the girls:

  • Guys don’t care about how you look – remember guys will fuck a couch cushion
  • Be confident on top cuz that’s sexy

Things You Can Do While Riding On Top (Basic):

  1. You are going to go down and you’re going to touch your clit while you’re talking to him. He’ll feel that and that feels great to him because he knows you’re pleasuring yourself.
  1. You are going to put your hand behind your back and you’re going to go for his balls and you’re going to basically lightly massage and fondle his balls while you’re fucking him. And while you’re talking dirty to him in his ear. Girls, this gets guys all the time.

If You Want To Get The Guy Addicted To You (Advanced):

The Rocket:

Girls, if you want to take things up a notch. Listen. I know some girls may be like yes we know this Alex but there are some girls that don’t so I’m just you know, informing the Daddy gang. Spread the Love.

When you’re on him guys, going up and down when your knees are on the bed and you’re on top of him is just like child’s play. Like we’re not fucking around with that Daddy Gang you don’t go up and down on your knees. You’re getting your squats in like I’ve said in the past and I’ll say it again you’re getting your squats in today ladies and that means your feet, your toes and your heel are on the mattress on the bed. 

Okay, so you are literally in a full blown crouch squat position with his dick inside of you okay? 

Okay, so you start on your knees like he’s inside on your knees and then and then you literally put your hand on his chest Look at him and you literally waddle your way up and you’re squatting on his dick. Damn. 

When you do this I swear to god, men will fall in love and girls, although it is kind of a workout, which is great, get our workouts in. It’s a lot of work but the lord knows we’re not going to the gym. No, but guys this position, it’s definitely one for the boys and the girls because we’re both feeling everything at that point. You’re going up and you’re going down and you’re going all the way fucking down. What is that ride at a fair where you’ve got thrown up and then you go fucking down? Yeah, it’s the rocket. We’re gonna get there. This is just the rocket you’re facing him. 

Start Slow:

So while you’re doing this, guys, it’s so important that you switch up your speeds. You’re not fucking bouncing up and down like a psycho. Start slow. Always have like maybe your hand on his chest in the beginning, okay, so we’re gonna have like your left hand on his chest, other hand may be touching your tits, whatever it be, touch your hair. I don’t give a shit. As you start to progress with the speed of it, you’re going faster. It’s really fucking hot if you go no hands and you just kind of let your hands fly by and you’re just kind of look ma no hands. So basically, that’s what you’re gonna do and he’s gonna be like, I am ready to come all up in there. And you’re not done yet ladies, you’re really not done. 

So yeah, so we’re going to call that the rocket, which said you should all be doing it if you’re not absolutely daddy gang, get on the rocket. So you’re doing that. Also you can be doing the same thing: always touching your clit, touching yourself, touching your boobs whatever. 

Reverse Cowgirl Cyclone:

So reverse cowgirl is pretty self explanatory. You’re on him and you’re reversed. You’re doing what we just explained. Yes, but backwards.

And you can always be on your knees for that. And you can also get in the squat position, which is really fucking hot. This position is enjoyable for us. But I want you guys to think of sometimes it’s like when I tell girls how to suck dick. I want you to just like imagine you have a penis. Right? Like do you know what I mean?

I obviously think about what feels good for me but it’s like, it’s like how would this feel if you’re doing it like the the sloppiness, the wetness, you can kind of envision what it would feel like so when I tell you guys when you’re in reverse cowgirl at one point, I think a lot of the daddy gang members are going to get wifed up and married if you pull this shit.

Now you are on your knees. You don’t have to do this in the waddling duck upward squat position. You’re on your knees. You’re riding him like you’re scooting in your chair. He’s looking at the beautiful view of your ass. 

Now, again, about the whole self conscious thing before I tell you guys what this is girls, there are so many girls that are like oh my god, he’s gonna see my asshole. He’s literally gonna be like, oh my god. That’s such a weird view. No, this is what guys dream of. This is literally the position every guy wants.

“Guys don’t look at anything on a girl’s body and say, ooh, gross when he’s inside of you specifically.”

 So basically, this is how I’m going to try to explain it, I can’t get on the top of the table and explain it. So I’m really gonna try to get descriptive. Okay? He’s looking at you, you’re fucking him reverse cowgirl. You’re gonna lean forward as if you’re like, like stretching out like in a crawling position almost like you’re bending forward. Your arms are like army crawl, yes. Okay, so he’s still in you, but you’re kind of like your chest is bending forward towards the bed away from him. Okay. 

At this point, his dick is inside of you. You are gonna have it basically come out halfway. And at this point your knees are on the bed. They’re a little spread apart. And you are going to basically shift side to side while his dick is halfway in you.

Half of a shaft is out. And you are kind of like almost like grinding back and forth like a shimmy. Like back and forth like swaying. And so his view is he can see it in there but he can also see some of his too and it’s a great view. And then what you start doing is you start kind of doing circles and you go back you lean back on it and then you go out of it forward. I am so like thinking about like a figure eight almost just do that. 

I know this is really vulgar, but I’m just trying to spread the fucking love to the daddy gang. I know it’s really out there but like, this shit is so fucking hot. I remember one of my exes was like, where the fuck did you learn that? And I don’t know.At the end of the day we’re all trying to fucking excel here. Exactly. And that’s what it comes down to. 

Girls get into it and try it and like listen, I will be honest. It is difficult if his penis is a little bit smaller to do so because like you’re trying to get off of it a little bit and start the motion. But you just got to literally get creative with it and if you’re especially pretty close with the guy that you’re fucking, just be like, babe I want to try something. Yeah, and then maybe you just don’t have to be as pulled out. Exactly.

Get your squats in today. Ladies, that’s what you’re gonna text all of your friends. So did you get your squats in tonight? Okay, that’s the rocket and then the reverse cowgirl cyclone, you are going to be swaying back and forth halfway out. And you’re just gonna go to town girls. And also if you want to really add it in, you can with your hand and you can be like touching your clit while you’re doing it. 

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