PSA: Snapchat Filters

PSA: Snapchat Filters

Okay, PSA to the daddy gang men: If you ever fucking dare use a Snapchat filter, you’re not fuckable. You are no longer fuckable. I’m sorry, but what are you fucking doing?

Oh, I really couldn’t believe that. I don’t want to go off on filters again. But the guy that I was just with this weekend. I think he made a great point and I just want to reiterate it to all the daddy gang females. Yeah. He said:

“When I see a girl, posting the actual filtered pictures of her with the dog or the hearts on her actual Instagram, I immediately think, this bitch is ugly in person.”

– One of Alex’s Men

Because she’s not confident enough to post her best pictures on Instagram. So if she’s deciding to post a filtered picture with the dog ears, he was like you obviously think you’re ugly, so bitch I’m gonna think you’re ugly. 

Like why would I want to fuck you if you don’t even want to fuck yourself?

I totally agree with you and you know what, I had a girl reach out and say okay, well we’re not all hot and you know what I say to that is learn how to Photoshop and Facetune. The second you have a filter, people automatically are like that’s not real. 

Guys don’t fucking know FaceTune but they do know when you’ve got dog ears. Are you going to show up on the date with fucking two ears and a nose? Fuck no.

Listen to the segment right here (Minute 22):