Post-Nut Clean Up

Post-Nut Clean Up

The cleanup job is a team effort.

Guys, you need to understand, whether you’re literally just trying to fuck this girl or have her as a consistent fuck, it doesn’t matter. What you’re trying to do is ensure that she will answer you after you fuck her. When you want to get in a relationship, you better do the cleanup right.

So, everybody knows guys, if she has to get up and clean herself off and run to the bathroom and hold that shit and make sure it doesn’t fall over. Every guy, whether you meet it or not get up, go to the bathroom and get her a goddamn towel and bring it over to her and I’m sure she’ll take it. I mean, get a little Windex and a paper towel and treat that like a window and take care. Take care of the girl that you just fucking came all over her face.

Honestly, she’s like I love when guys cum on your face and you’re blinded and you literally have your arms out like a mummy and you’re trying to find the bathroom and they’re laying there on their phone looking at barstool sports and they’re like this shits awesome. Look at this sport, and you’re like, I just my smashed head into the wall or men sometimes you’ll encounter what I call a slut savage.

You’ll literally turn your back to get the cum rag, turned back around and all your cum’s gone because she ate it all up. No need for dinner, you just saved yourself some money by encountering a slut savage.