Merch Daddy

Merch Daddy

Okay, this girl wrote in. She said:

“LMFAO you guys. So I broke up with my ex like two months ago but we still hook up once in a while. He really wants me to get back with him. So he’s been doing anything and everything to get me back. 

I told him we were never going to get back together and he was so upset he called me out for asking him to buy me a call her daddy swimsuit and hat.

Fast forward to me giving him the best sex of his life and making him press complete order, while I rode him like an equestrian.”

Alex & Sophia:

Daddy moves only! Okay, this girl’s fucked for merch. Can you imagine, what a power move. Literally press complete order bitch and then I’ll fuck your brain. She got a daddy hat and a daddy swimsuit.

I think it’s incredible and I love her. I am in shock. I’m like you truly, truly are a daddy out here. Yeah, making your own dreams come true by the click of a button from a little bitch boy. Good for you.

Listen to the segment right here (Minute 53):