Life of Wives and Girlfriends of Professional Athletes

Life of Wives and Girlfriends of Professional Athletes

How women should get their own lives? (Baseball wives) 

Wags: Wives and girlfriends of professional athletes. 

I am just going to talk about baseball wives because that’s what I was dealing with. Baseball wives or girlfriends dedicate their entire fucking lives to the men that they’re with. So essentially these women are 100% on their man’s time. They consider their career essentially to be a baseball wife. I said in the past episode that they even introduce themselves like “Hi, I’m a baseball wife.”

So every single day the men leave for the field. They have a night game. They leave for the field at night. So the wife sits there or goes to a yoga class. Basically, does whatever and then gets ready with all of her makeup, puts on a fancy outfit and goes and sits at a baseball game for four hours. So you have the morning together, and then they get home at 11:30 or 12 o’clock at night usually. So you literally have a morning breakfast together, and then you’re going to sleep. So these wives are just waiting around all day for these men. 

 These wives essentially live on their man’s schedule. If the husband goes on the road, and they either stay home or they travel with them. It’s so sad, because I know a lot of the wives will legit pick like a year essentially, that they travel to every single city with their boyfriend or their husband. They are basically fancy using social media to show how great their lives are. They travel to different cities every couple days. They stay somewhere for two to three nights. And then they go to another city and she literally dedicates her life right here. 

There is one trip of the year that the wives and families/ girlfriends get that they get to fly on the plane with the people with the team. They treat it like it’s their fucking wedding. 

The wives thought that the girlfriends weren’t allowed to go on the plane. Even if you’ve a ring on and there was an issue. One of the girls that was engaged, she couldn’t travel together, because she was still not a wife. It’s not official.

Newsflash ladies, a ring doesn’t mean shit and you’re getting cheated on. 

– Alex Cooper

The athletes I’ve dated have explained their life as Groundhog Day. Every single day is the same for these men. So essentially, these women are a part of Groundhog Day. I hate to say it and this is so fucked up and is the only unhealthy thing I’m going to say in this but I Low key get why athletes cheat if they do have  wives or girlfriends. Because they’re just fucking sitting right in the top right. Literally, these athletes will come home and be like, Hey, babe, like, how was your day? She’s like, so I got bubblegum pink on my toe. 

 By centering  their lives solely around these men, they’re making themselves non- interesting.

All men say: “I want something a little different…”

So anyways, this is the moral of the story. You’re all asking why are we talking about these women, they give up their lives and their careers if they had won in the first place to become essentially a stay at home girlfriend or a wife. And a lot of times these relationships are driven extremely by insecurity and so they overcompensate by having dinners ready and have been getting crazier in bed for them. What women don’t understand when the power dynamic is off like this is by you cooking that dinner and being so up his asshole. Instead, what you should be doing is doing the complete opposite. 

The key to a healthy relationship is having your own life and still having independence and being super in love with that person. If something were to happen, she still should be okay, life should not be in fucking shambles. 

When he cheats. The wives/ girlfriends think, What do I do? I don’t have a career, right? I use all of his money and you are stuck. All of these women feel stuck and I kind of feel bad, because They are so deep in it. What the fuck would they do? They go to the field every day and live athletes’ lives. They think,  I don’t have a life? What’s my life? My identity?? 

And they also are not going to feel very good about themselves? If you keep doing this, you’re going to start losing sight of who you are as a person. It really is an imbalance and so if I could give women any advice and girls in college, high school goes for all of you that you’re like, why am I  just up my boyfriend’s asshole. If you have a mentality that you don’t need him. You want each other but you don’t need this guy. That mentality is gonna radiate into the relationship and make it healthier. 

Story of a  friend:  If my husband is gonna do anything inappropriate or anything that upsets me I have no fear of getting a divorce and he knows that and she’s made that clear. He doesn’t think that he just completely has me  and  I see how that would work. I think that girls if you are so up your boyfriend’s asshole literally he moves you move. He breathes, you breathe and the minute he stops breathing you stop breathing. I would fucking cheat. I’d be like, I need a fucking break. I don’t want the fucking peach cobbler.