Instagram Guide For Men

Instagram Guide For Men

Ryan said, I found it a lot harder to organically meet people now and when I do match with people on dating apps, I’ve been told my insta isn’t full of fun pics with friends. And that’s a red flag. How important do you think social media is?

I know if that is the case. That people are looking for how many friends you have in the picture, I am never getting a fucking date because my Instagram has zero fucking friends on it. It’s just me and my fat ass fucking head. So okay, I’m single for life.

Guys with Instagrams, I always look like what are they working with? Cuz to me guys that have all pictures of themselves are not as attractive.

I’m having revelation. Girls can just get on Instagram and just posta selfie of them being hot.

– Sofia

I’m on this new dating app that I’m not allowed to speak about. When I see pictures of them and they’re like posting selfies. I immediately click no. To me the thought of a guy posting a selfie. I don’t know why it’s like his mental state. Like, I’ve never dated a guy that I’ve ever seen his selfie.  What is he doing? What are you doing right now? He’s unwell.

Well, listen, think about it. You and I are sitting on our fucking couch in our apartment. And I’m like, dude, is this guy hot? What’s the thing you say? You always say, dude, look how hot his friend is. And then we stalk his friend and we go yeah, let’s go hang out with them. 

Also, we get mad if they take selfies but then we also don’t like when they fucking post a picture of the fish that they caught.

Stop taking a fucking picture of your car and making your ABI big. I don’t. I don’t want to date a car. I want to date you and your dick.

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