How To Be Spontaneous and Spice It Up!

How To Be Spontaneous and Spice It Up!

I want every daddy girl or guy to just listen to how the fuck to just like be spontaneous and spice it up. 

So she’s with her boyfriend. They’re in sweats. They’re watching TV one night and after an episode was over, they’ve been drinking a little bit. I got up, handed him a shot and said meet me in the bathroom in five minutes. He was totally interested. I went upstairs, put on the best lingerie I had and started using my vibrator myself. So when he came upstairs I was lying on the bed already getting ready to go. And it was a great night of sex after, I just thought to myself this is a daddy move.

Guys. It’s that simple.

Right. Legit being a little spontaneous. Meet me upstairs, throw on the lingerie,hand him a shot, and then take the initiative. That’s a good girlfriend. A shot, get your vibrator and go to fucking town on my pussy babe. He’s gonna be like, I want to fucking marry this girl. Like every girl I know we talked about how we want you guys to initiate 50/50 but like that’s a perfect example of just like being spontaneous. You guys are in sweats watching TV. Hand him a shot. Get upstairs. Get after it. 

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