How do I spice up my long distance relationship during quarantine? Guide to Facetime Sex

How do I spice up my long distance relationship during quarantine? Guide to Facetime Sex

Guys/girls need to text their respective partners ahead of time. Saying, “babe  I’m thinking about you. I’m so horny for you. So can we FaceTime later? And then girls can do the same to guys they can say the exact same thing. I’m really horny can we FaceTime later?

So girls if you want, you can just like the surprise blow job, do a surprise FaceTime sex situation. 

So phase one, fucking can be so hot because it kind of combines porn with real life. It’s like doing it on your phone so it feels like porn but you’re doing it with your significant other so it brings like a realness to it and it’s almost like your girlfriend is starring in a porn that you’re writing and directing. 

People assume that FaceTime sex is like sexting. It’s not. I think during these times you talk less  than normal. It’s way more when you’re actually fucking. It’s more of a visual thing. This is where you’re gonna really show off your body. 

I was gonna say the confidence thing again, we can’t reiterate it enough. We’ve talked about the episode we talked about getting on top right like an equestrian girl. None of us have the perfect body.  If you have confidence, that’s all that fucking matters.  I can’t express it enough.  I don’t care if you have that extra winter job or not feeling best. If you get in front of a camera, and you’re fucking walking around like you’re the hottest thing and touching yourself. The great thing about FaceTime sex is like you’re usually going to be laying on your back. If you’re holding the phone, which automatically makes your body look so hot that you couldn’t You’re in control of the goddamn camera. 

You’re going to start with lingerie on. Put bras, underwear or clothes just like a little tank top with  no bra on and you’re gonna give the guy the visual of what is  about to go down. Build up is better. So you’re gonna start with that and then you always start with your tits. Do not rush it. Teasing pulls down your tank top and this gives him the Go ahead, pull out his dick, and grab your lotion.  

So basically you pull your tit up and you basically try and lick it. It makes you look hotter. Then what I do is I start panning the camera down my body. So I’m gonna show him my tits. Again, I’m gonna grab my head, grab both of them. It just makes it more like a tangible thing. And then I’m going to kindly put my hand and just start sliding down my body and have the camera follow the hand, follow my hand and also have underwear on and always have like my hand, go into my underwear. Then you’ll kind of just like to play around and then it’s kind of hot to just move the underwear to the side.  when you do go down with your camera and within your fingers and you slip it in there have the camera kind of like diagonal underneath your vagina. 

Then you take off the underwear after playing with yourself. Do not rush, take your time. 

Then you are going to put one finger in. And he needs to see that visual. That’s why sometimes I think it’s good to be, when you’re first going in, you got to be handheld. You’re gonna do one finger then you’re gonna go up to two and really show him your finger is going  and you want it to be wet. 

But you don’t need to be talking to hold tight and just obviously like it naturally as you would be doing if you’re masturbating on your own, you will be moaning  as you’re touching yourself 

Once you do the handheld and you take off your thong  you’re wearing,  that’s when you like lean forward and you put the camera down and you’re like, I want you to watch me. and that is when you get on the bed and get your fucking toy. 

Try point of view. Try and cum at the same time. To do that keep going and communicate what you are feeling.