Gluck Gluck Backboard

Gluck Gluck Backboard

So where’s the best place to do the Gluck Gluck and I don’t mean like, legit location.

All right, I’m legit talking where’s the best place to do the Gluck Gluck. From a little birdie male friend of mine, also from experience, I know for a fact that the best place to do the Gluck Gluck is to push a man up against a wall. Guys are gonna say, so standing. No. There’s a difference between standing and getting head and then when I say you need to straight up have this guy, have a backboard.

The wall is his backboard.

And why I say this is because when guys when you’re getting your dick sucked, there’s something about having the support of this wall. It’s different when the guy thrusts forward, and it’s different, like it’s a different kind of contact. No, I get that. Okay, so yeah, so I’ve heard it from a lot of guys that have had it. And I feel like a lot
of guys complain about having to stand up.

Yeah. And I’m saying legit don’t stand, get up to a wall and like lean back on that shit and girls, it’s like, imagine like, it’s kind of like fuck this is bad to say but it’s when you’re like face fucking her and your hand is on the head. Well, it’s basically skull fucking. It’s when you put your hand on the back of her head and you’re kind of like getting that like traction and contact. That’s basically what you’re having with the wall. Okay, I’m going to hell.

Dick Too Small?

Anyways, after that people have written in and they’ve said, I don’t know if I can do the double hand twist because his dick is too small. Dick is never too small to do the double hand twist.

Okay, and not everyone put your hands out right now. I want everyone to put their left and their right hand out and put your palms down. You’re going to take your thumb and you’re going to take your index finger and you’re going to put them together like they’re a circle. And now you’re going to take your left and your right hand you’re going to put those little circles on top of each other. That’s shit is about two inches. So you’re stacking those and it is about two inches.

Every dick is bigger than two inches. Okay, so what you’re gonna do then is you’re going to twist those in different directions. So I just hope that clarifies that and then you start stacking more fingers The bigger the dick is, so if that helps clarify, I know this isn’t as funny but this is legit terms that I want to just clarify really quickly before we get into this podcast. A dick is never too small for the goddamn Gluck Gluck.

Balls Baby

Now, the balls, balls. Okay, Sophia. What would you do with the balls in the Gluck Gluck? I don’t know. I’m just gonna try bouncing around like a basketball guy.

What do you do with the balls?

Okay, first of all, when you are addressing the balls if you go down to the balls you do not leave his dick just hanging out there sticking up like it’s midnight. You need to take it and always have your hand on it. So make sure you have one hand on the dick. When you go down to his balls. Make sure you have a lot of fucking saliva in your mouth because no one wants fucking dry balls near their mouth and no guy wants your mouth on their dry balls. Make sure it’s wet.

You put one ball in your mouth. Whoa!
You kind of swish it around. I’m trying to think what is something you put in your mouth that you would never chew and you like lightly, kind of just like, go from side to side where you’re like, a starburst. Like you don’t chew it right away. Ice cream. When you put a big chunk of ice cream in your mouth. That’s the best. You lightly kind of like swish it around your mouth. You would never chew on ice cream. You’re the fucking devil. If you chew on ice cream. You’re the devil if you chew on a dick.

So you lightly put one in and then if you can, girls you can you just have to get the right mentality. You slowly if you can pop the other one in your mouth, and then you’ve got two in there and you still swish them around. And then while you’re doing this, your left hand or your right hand is on the dick and then what is your other hand doing Sofia? While your mouth has the balls, your left hand has the dick whereas the other hand?

Into the butt

While your mouth has the balls, your left hand has the dick whereas the other hand?

Sofia – In his butthole.

And you don’t go right into it. You start your massaging down and then you eventually go. We can talk about butt stuff in another episode, but that just a couple things of what to do with the butt and the balls. Boom, I’m going to hell and now we’re moving on.