Gluck Gluck 9000 Part 2

Gluck Gluck 9000 Part 2

So basically in the Gluck Gluck, we talked about how it needs to have a level of saliva that is second to none. Like this thing needs to be lubed up with your spit. But today I want to talk to you guys about something because I don’t think that I really emphasized Is it enough?

“If she does not smack my dick on her cheek, lips, tongue, or face, it isn’t a top notch blowjob.”

The wise words of Milf Hunter

So when you’re giving head, if you want to be sloppy, that thing is not saying in your mouth the whole time, okay? So like this thing, okay, so I’m gonna call this like if we’re talking about like a little band here. Okay, so his dick is the drumstick. Your face is the drums and here comes your rock band solo.

So, when you are going to pull his dick out of your mouth, mid blowjob, you are going to try to pull out and have gathered up so much saliva in your mouth, that when you’re pulling off on the tip, the spit from your mouth is going to stay connected to the tip of his dick. Oh, it’s like a string of saliva coming off. It is literally like we’re calling this the jump rope. The long strand of saliva is the rope, held by his dick and your lips. Okay.

This is a veteran move guys and I want every fucking daddy gang girl to add this and guys you have your tongue out while you’re doing this. So once you get off his dick your tongue is out of your mouth. The saliva is connected to your tongue and on top of his dick.

Okay, how much eye contact should you be doing?

Not the whole time but for this specific move, you are looking up at him like you are fucking degraded. It’s like what’s the fucking lady in the tramp movie when they’re doing this? The spaghetti? Leave it to Cooper to make a fucking Disney movie sexualized, but yeah, you want that string to be as literally as long as it can go.

Okay, okay, so now that you have that spit and it’s disconnected, you are going to basically take his dick now and you should be rubbing it on the sides of your cheek, tapping it on your tongue. Like I know this sounds like weird to girls and you’re like, is it actually hot? Yeah like you’re basically, what are the fucking Instagram ads that you get like the face cleaner massager? His dick is like one of those.

What you’re gonna be doing is the whole time you’re doing this guy’s, you have your mouth wide open with your tongue still out and occasionally you’re still licking it and then you’re putting it on the side of your cheek. You’re rubbing it on both cheeks, but this spit move I’m promising you girls, if you can get it so nasty and wet and there is a strand of saliva that is literally hanging off of his dick on your tongue.

He is going to be like this girl is a fucking savage. We’ve said it a million times. It’s true. The nastier the better. The uglier you look, the messier, the better. 

“I love when my balls and like gooch area are drowning in a puddle of saliva that has accumulated while she’s going to work. It’s the sexiest fucking thing.” 

– Milf Hunter

It’s just has to be so sloppy that like your mascara is running, you’re drenched, you look like you got hit by a bus, or you just took a fucking shower. Waterboarding is a form of torture in the United States but we fucking we condone it on Call Her Daddy with the dick. Try to perfect the saliva detaching rarely once you’re like fucking five six inches away. Yeah. You like run across the room and like it still there.

But girls this is so key. I just I think it’s just fucking hot too. Guys are like what the fuck. So the jump rope. Saliva attached to his dick from your mouth. It’s like the Gluck Glcuk like 9000 fucking elevated.

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