Asking Him To Go Down

Asking Him To Go Down

Okay, Daddy’s please. I need your help. I’ve been hooking up with this guy for about a month now. Every time we have sex, and I’ve given him head, but he has yet to return the favor by going down on me. I really don’t know if I should say something because he is 1,000% leaving me satisfied in other ways. He makes me finished every time but I do still feel like Hello. It’s just the principle of it. Right? Should I bring it up? Please help.

I say bring it up. I think you bring it up. I think you could try to bring it up in a sexual way first. Like I want you to taste me. Yeah, like exactly right say in some sexual way. Yeah, like I want you to taste me. And then even if you like start if you’re laying in bed together and you start fingering yourself and you like take your fingers out and you put it in his mouth and you’re like, I want you to taste me like grab him and kind of like push him towards you.

Honestly push his fucking head down. Suffocate him and make him go to town. Or when he’s laying on his back, literally straddle his face.

And then there you go, and then, but honestly, I think she could bring it up. Absolutely, in a sexual way for sure. In a sexual way. And then if that’s not working, I think she could be like, babe, I really want you to go down on me. Like I think it would be so hot. I know. You’re so good. Like, I want you to go down to me.

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